On the morning of March 20, 2015, a near-total solar eclipse will be visible from Ireland. Over 90% of the Sun will be obscured as the Moon passes between it and the Earth. From Dublin, the eclipse will start at 8:24am, reach maximum eclipse at 9:28am, and finish at 10:36am. For eclipse timings from where you are, check out the Time and Date website. This is the last solar eclipse visible from Europe until 2026.

The School Of Physics at Trinity College Dublin want to celebrate this rare event with the Irish public. On this webpage you will find details on the eclipse, events that we will be hosting, as well as information on how you can get involved and do some science of your own!

Though eclipses occur once or twice a year they are a spread across the globe, the next eclipse won’t be visible from Europe for over a decade. Ireland is in a particularly fortunate position for the coming eclipse, we will see 90% of the Sun’s surface obscured. The path of this eclipse will pass over the North coast of Ireland, across the Faroe Island, and towards Svalbard.

The video below shows how the eclipse will look from Dublin.